Motivation as an artist

Motivation - the struggle is real!
Some people think that if you truly love something, you will always have the motivation to get to your easel. However, often life gets in the way or we are physically or mentally tired. We might also feel that we are wasting our time, especially if we are struggling to produce work at the standard we have set for ourselves. I have no doubt that every artist goes through these emotions from time to time.

Fear of failure can also be inhibiting. Nobody wants to spend hours of their valuable time only to be dissatisfied with the result. But nothing great was created without suffering!

I would be concerned if there were not periods of struggle! The truth is that when you do see a sign of improvement it can be incredibly satisfying.

If you find art 'hard', that can be a sign that you are taking it seriously and are not settling. Too many pick up a brush and seem blind to the fact that they have a long way to go. In fact no artist is every finished. We are always learning and evolving

Finding a work routine can help get you in the rhythm of regular work. Sometimes forcing yourself to start is necessary.

Going to the easel without getting tied to an outcome can make it easier. If you produce good work. Great! If not there's always another time.

As much as possible think of it as fun. An adventure. You never know what can happen.

Taking your time and focusing hard can reduce the number of bad starts, which in turn builds confidence and gives you an incentive to return to the easel or drawing table. Avoid trying to cram in some painting when you don't really have time to do anything meaningful. There is nothing worse than having to watch the clock.

If you don't have time or inclination to paint, why not do some drawing instead?

Paint small. Smaller scale work can feel more achievable, less intimidating, gives you more variety and entails less risk.

I hope this was helpful. Happy painting!