How to commission a portrait

Commissioning a portrait painting can involves the following steps.

Personally I like to be a flexible as possible, but these are some things you might encounter when commissioning a portrait.

If you are looking to commission a portrait, please contact me by email or via my Facebook page. I only need a few of your favourite photos, an idea of the size of the painting you wish and when it is needed for. I will then come back to you with an price etc. Please note I am not pushy! I only want you to be delighted with the painting and will do my best to accommodate your vision.
Finding an artist
The first step in commissioning a portrait painting is to find an artist who specializes in portraiture and whose work you like. You can find artists through online portfolios, art galleries, or art schools.

Discussing your needs
Once you have found an artist, you should discuss your needs with them. This includes the size of the painting, the medium, the style, and the number of subjects to be included in the painting.

Establishing a budget
Establishing a budget for the portrait is important. The cost of a portrait painting can vary widely depending on the size, medium, and complexity of the painting, as well as the artist's experience and reputation.

Scheduling a photo shoot or sitting
Before the artist can begin painting, you will need to schedule a photo shoot or sitting. During the photo shoot or sitting, the artist will take photographs or make sketches of the subject(s) in order to create a reference for the painting.

Approving a sketch
After the photo shoot or sitting, the artist may wish to create a sketch of the painting for your approval. You will have the opportunity to make any changes or adjustments to the sketch before the painting is begun. This of course adds to the course and time to produce the finished work.

Waiting for the completion of the painting
Once the sketch is approved, the artist will begin working on the painting. This process can take several weeks or months, depending on the complexity of the painting and the artist's schedule.

Approving the final painting
Once the painting is completed, the artist will present it to you for final approval. If you are satisfied with the painting, you will pay the balance of the fee and take possession of the painting.

Framing or displaying the painting
Once you have the painting in hand, you may want to consider framing or displaying the painting in your home or office. This step is optional but highly recommended to protect and enhance the painting.

It is important to note that, some artists may ask for a deposit or an advance payment before starting the process. Additionally, some artists may wish to have a written contract between both parties outlining the details of the commission and the terms of payment.